1Core introduces a touchless (QR Code based) sign in/out solution option so the parents can use their 1Core Family app to sign in and out at the center without touching any public surfaces. 

  QR Code (Short for Quick Response Code) is a two-dimensional barcode that is readable built-in scanner in all modern smartphones.

To use the touchless (QR Code) sign in/out in 1Core, you must do the following:

Provider must download the 1Core Attend app

Note: 1Core Attend app is for the center to serve as a sign-in/out kiosk. It is NOT meant for parents or staff to download.   


Invite the parents to download the 

Important Note: If your center has not invited the parents to register for a Family Portal account before, you must send out the Family Portal invitation by email so the parents can  register for a 1Core Family Portal account first. Once the parents have registered, they can use the same login credentials (user email + password) to login to the 1 Core Family App.  

To invite the parents to register:  Communication--->Send Family Portal Invitation Email


1Core Attend App as Sign In/Out Kiosk:

With the QR Code option enabled, when you login to the 1Core Attend App, you will see the QR Code for your center.  There are 2 options:

                  QR Code Only                                                 QR Code and ID Code                                                                                                                                                                  


QR Code in the 1Core Attend app will automatically refresh for every hour.

You can also refresh the code manually anytime by selecting Refresh QR Code.




QR Code Backend Setup and Printing:

Once the QR Code feature is enabled for your center, the Director will be able to access the setup and printing option: 

Access Path: Center Dashboard --->Functions--->Time and Tracking--->QR Code for Attendance

Beside using the QR Code on the 1Core Attend app, you also have the option to print the QR Code for your center and place it at a place (e.g. door or clipboard) where the parents can scan using their 1Core Family App.


Select this to print QR Code for your center:


Note: If you choose to use the Print option, please note by default the QR Code is set to regenerate DAILY.  If you don’t plan to print a new QR code for your center daily, you should change the QR code generation frequency to weekly and monthly. Otherwise your printed QR Code will be INVALID the next day as a new QR code is generated automatically by the system.


To change the QR Code generation frequency, select the QR Code Setup button on upper right corner:

Sign In/Out by Parents using the 1Core Family app:

Parent select this QR Code Scan icon to activate the built-in QR Code scanner and get ready to scan the QR Code.

When the parent’s login to the 1Core Family App, they will see the QR Code Scan icon on the upper right corner.

Parents will aim the QR Code scanner at the Center QR Code on the 1Core Attend app or on the printed QR Code.




The parent repeats the same process when it is time to sign out.

The parent has to click "Done" to exit the screen.

The parent will see the name of their child and can sign in their child by selecting the Sign in button.