What is Tuition Payment Direct (TPD)

Tuition Pay Direct (TPD) is an online tuition payment solution offered by 1Core. TPD is parent-centric, meaning the parents retain the control to setup recurring payments and/or make a one-time payment as needed.

Access to Tuition Pay Direct

When the Tuition Pay Direct (TPD) module is enabled for your center, you will see the Tuition Pay Direct function on the left panel as shown below:

Click on Tuition Pay Direct and you will see the Tuition Pay Direct )TPD) main page:

Tuition Pay Direct (TPD) Enrollment

The first step in enrolling the parents in Tuition Pay Direct is to send out an invitation email to them.  Click on the TPD Enrollment link. 

Click on the “Send Tuition Pay Direct (TPD) Invitation Email To Parents” and you will notice that the system organizes the statuses of the parents in 3 categories:

  • Invitation Not Sent
  • Invitation Sent But Not Yet Registered
  • Registered in Family Portal But Not Enrolled in TAP


  • Registration => refers to whether the parents have registered for a 1Core Family Portal account
  • Enrollment => refers to whether the parents have enrolled in Tuition Pay Direct(TPD)

The status is designed to help the Director to better manage their invitation email to parents. The Director can resend as many times as appropriate.

Send Tuition Pay Direct (TPD) Invitation Email To Parents

Following is an example of an email sent to parents inviting them to enroll in TPD:

When the parents view the email invitation you sent, they will see 2 links at the bottom of the email automatically generated by the system.

Parents Enroll in Tuition Pay Direct via the Family Portal


When a parent login to the Family Portal, they will clearly see the option to enroll in Tuition Pay Direct on the Home page.  Following are the steps the parents will complete in enrolling in TPD:

Select a Funding Account type:

Complete the funding account details:

Agree to the terms:

Parents Make a One-Time TPD Payment

Once a parent enrolled in TPD, he has the option to make one-time payment as needed. On the Family Portal home page,  the TPD parents will see a "Pay Now" option next to the Ledger Balance.  

Parents Manage Tuition Pay Direct (TPD) Account

On the Family Portal, parents have the following functions under “Payment”:

  • Manage Funding Accounts - Add new or edit existing 
  • View Payment History
  • Set up Recurring Payment Schedule
  • Disenroll from TPD

Set up Recurring Payment Schedule


Beside making a one-time TPD payment, parents also have option to setup a recurring payment schedule.  For monthly recurring payment, parents can choose the day of the month, start and end date of the recurring payment schedule as shown below:

Multiple Funding Accounts


1Core allows parents to use multiple funding accounts to pay their tuition. If parents select to use multiple funding accounts, they need to specify the percentage for each funding account to add to 100%.

Automatic Posting of TPD Payment to the Ledger


After the TPD payments have been submitted for processing, the payment transactions are automatically posted to the ledger.  

Review Status of Submitted TPD Payment


You can review the status of the submitted TAP payments within 1Core for reconciliation purposes as follows:


Note: TPD is parent controlled, therefore there is nothing that you (the Director) need to do each week/month.   The system will process the online tuition payment based on the parents’ one-time payment or recurring payment schedule.   The tuition payment will be automatically deposited into the center bank account.

New TPD Implementation: End-to-End Test/Trial Run

It is highly recommended that the Director performs an end-to-end test/trial run to walk through the entire parent TPD enrollment process BEFORE inviting all the families to enroll.  


The trial run let you can see for the steps the parents need to complete to enroll in TPD.  This helps with answering parent’s questions after launch. 


Test/Trial Run Steps:


  1. Add a new test family  in 1Core.  Important Note: You must use a personal email for this test family.  You can't use your work email because it has been used as admin login to 1Core.
  2. Post a manual transaction item to this Test Parent Account Ledger (e.g. $5) so there is a balance to pay.
  3. Send an invitation to this test parent email.
  4. Login to the Test Family email.
  5. Register for a Family Portal account.
  6. Enroll in Tuition Auto Pay and make one-time payment of $5 ledger balance.
  7. Confirm that the $5 has been deposited to the business bank account.

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