Parents can dis-enroll from the TAP program if they wish. However by default, the system is configured NOT to allow the parents to dis-enroll directly themselves.



In the Family Portal, when parents click on the "Payment" function on the left panel, they see an option called "Disenroll TAP"


When they click on that “Disenroll TAP” link in the Family Portal, the parents will get a pop-up message to contact the Center Director.



Director to Dis-Enroll Parents from TAP


After the parents have contacted you and you have decided to proceed to dis-enroll the parents from TAP, you can do so following the steps below:


From the TAP Home page, select the “Total Active Payors Enrolled in TAP” link on the right side.


Click on the “Disenroll” icon for the parent you would like to dis-enroll.


 Click on the “Yes, I want to Disenroll” button to confirm.



Allow Parents to Dis-Enroll Directly


If you would like to allow the parents to dis-enroll from TAP directly on the own via the Family Portal, please contact support@1coresolution.com.