Family App Setup:

After parents register for their family account, they can download the 1Core Family app in their phone from App store (or) Play store and login with their Family account User email and password.

  • When they login for the first time, the system will prompt them to setup a 4-digit Quick Login Code. Parent can setup the Code, which can be used for future login purpose. 
  • This 4 Digit Login Code is setup by the parent for easy access with their family app and has no relation with the Authorized Id Code they use for Sign in and Sign out purpose.
  • Once after the initial setup, they will be able to see the QR Scanner on the right corner of their Homepage, which can be used to scan at the center for sign in and sign out purpose.


Family App Purpose:

Parents can do the below mentioned functions from their app.

  • Sign in and Sign out their child using the QR Scanner.
  • Setup payment account /make payments / schedule recurring payment / make one-time payment / Add multiple accounts.
  • View / Edit their contact information
  • View / Edit their child info (Child Questions / Health info / Contact Info / Restricted Person info etc.)
  • View Pictures and videos posted by their child’s classroom Teacher.
  • View their child’s daily activity postings (Food / Homework / Diaper) added by the Classroom Teacher.
  • Download Account / Tax Statement and email the same if required.
  • Change their Password / 4 Digit Quick Login Code.
  • Instant messaging with Classroom teacher at anytime.