With 1Core Family app, Parents will be able to add a new Authorized Person for their child at anytime when required.

Adding New Authorized Person

Login to the family app

Select the Menu button on the top left corner

Select the Family drop down and go to Authorized person tab

Select the "+" icon to add authorized person.

Once when you add all the authorized person, you will be able to invite them for family app account.

Authorized person who are already added in the family previously will be listed under this tab, parents does not need to have them added again.

Authorized Person– Invite/Edit /Revoke options

1Core allows the following options for fucntions which parents can use for their Authorized Persons.

Invite -->Parents can invite the Authorized Person to register for the family app to pick up their child.

Edit -->To edit the existing Authorized Person details

Revoke-->To revoke the Authorized Person permission

Note: Authorized Person can also complete the registration by using the “Sign Up Now” option.