1. Introduction 

You can generate a weekly FTE report for the center's program and classrooms based on the child's enrollment start and withdrawal date.

Access Path : Center Dashboard > Report > Operations > Full Time Equivalency Report 

2. Report - Based on Program 

You can generate an FTE report for all the programs in the center and the children who are all enrolled in the programs. 

3. Report - Based on the Classroom

You can generate an FTE report for the classrooms (Primary or Secondary Classroom) of the center and the children enrolled in the classrooms. 

Report with Primary Classroom option,

Report with Secondary Classroom option,

4. FAQs

4.1. If a child only has a primary classroom, no secondary classroom, and the FTE Calculations base is set as 'Secondary Classroom'. How will be this child represented in that report?

If a child has only one classroom (either the primary or secondary) and the FTE calculations are set as on the non-existent classroom of the child on the report then that child will be categorized as the 'Not Assigned'.

4.2. How will this report represent a child with only completed program(s) or enrolled without a program in the center?

Both children without a program schedule and with only a completed program(s) schedule are categorized as 'Not Assigned'.