This report is all about the enrollments in the programs, schedules, and seat availability in the programs. Only those children who have enrolled in the program(s), are included in this report.

Access Path : Center Dashboard > Reports > Program Enrollment  Enrollment Availability Chart

By default, it will display the availability chart of the Current Month. You can toggle between the months using the right and left arrows.

Note : Green Cell - Scheduled Child ; Grey Cell - No Schedule ; Blue Cell - First day of the Program ; Red Cell - Last Day of the Program


You can generate this report for any period of time(max 31 days) by using custom filter and for all child status and age groups.

Maximum Slots

Maximum slots set in the program level are displayed here. You will get to see the enrolled children's information against the maximum slots and the available slots information. 

Maximum Slot - Edit 

Maximum Slot can be added or modified using the 'Program and Tuition Setup'. 

Access Path : Center Dashboard > Setup > Program and Tution > Select a Program


1. Are the inactive children included in this report?

Yes, they (presently inactive children) will be included in this report under certain conditions. (i.e.,) The child should have an active program during the selected period.