1. Enhancements in Program Billing 

Changing/ Updating the 'Billing Start and End Dates' are now disabled for billings associated with Programs

Change/Update - Billing Date in Program Billing


Note: You can still edit the start and end dates of billings other than programs such as credit, other charges and special billings etc.,

2.  Enrollment History

Now, you can view the 'Enrollment History' of an individual child at the profile level. This feature helps you to view the enrollment and re-enrollment dates with program details. Once a child is made inactive, the enrollment history icon will appear right to the 'Enrollment Start Date' in the child profile section. 

The Enrollment History pop-up will have all the details of enrollments and withdrawals of the child.


Option to Change/Update the Enrollment Start Date for Inactive Children

Earlier, when you sent an enrollment offer or add a new program to an inactive child, you could not change/update the enrollment start date.  

Now, you can edit the Old Enrollment Start Date of an inactive child when adding a program. 

Add Program Through 'Send Enrollment Offer'

While sending an enrollment offer to a parent for an inactive child, you get the option the change the 'Old Enrollment Start Date'. 

Add Program Through Program & Billing

While adding a program through 'Program & Billing' for an inactive child, the new 'Program Start Date' you're feeding will be taken as the 'New Enrollment Start Date' for the child. 

Turn on Active status without adding a program

Now, you can turn a child into active status without adding a program to the child. Use the profile edit option provided in the child profile to do this.

Access Path : Center Dashboard > Children > Choose a Child > Edit

3. Enhancements in Contact Person

Earlier you were not able to view the contact persons of inactive children on the 'Contact Person' page. Now, 1Core has given the option to view the contact person of the inactive children. 

Access Path : Center Dashboard > Family > Choose a Family > Contact Person

4. Show/Hide - Contact Person 

You can now show/hide contact person(s) from any parent at the request of another parent. For example, parent #1 wants to hide a contact person from parent #2. That means parent #2 should not see that particular contact person in their family portal. 

You can do this by using the 'Show/Hide this Contact in Family Portal' option in the contact person.


Access Path : Center Dashboard > Family > Choose a Family > Contact Person 

In the below screen, Hermoine Brown, a contact person for Bret C and Linda Ben, must be restricted from Parent #2 'Jess C'. This was requested by 'Ben Charles' (parent #1).

Select the 'Tri-Dot' menu button parallel to Hermoine Brown and select the  'Show/Hide this Contact in Family Portal' option.

Harmoine Brown has been hidden from the 'Jess C' in the family portal.

5. Notifications

1Core introduces new Notifications to the users. You can find the 'Notifications' icon right next to the 'Alerts' icon in the top right corner of the page. This new 'Notifications' is a role-based feature so people with different role sees the 'Notifications' that are relevant to them. 

You can now get notifications for the followings,

1. When a 'New Contact Person' is added to a child by the parent(s) using their family portal account. 

2. Any update/change in the 'Contact Person'

3. When parents accept the enrollment offer.

You have two tabs labeled 'All' and 'Unread' in the 'Notifications' pop-up. Click the 'See All' link in the upper right corner to view the 'Notification Page', where you can access all the notification messages with time stamp details. 

6. Record Child Absence

You can now record an absence for multiple children present in a single classroom / for the entire center using the Record Child Absence feature in the function module. 

Access Path : Center Dashboard > Functions > Time and Tracking > Record Child Absence

You can also mark individual record absence(s) with different reason codes. For that, you need to select the children one by one using the 'SEL' check box and record the reason code for them.

7. Reports

7.1. Deposit on Account 

You can use this report to generate a 'Deposit Charge & Refund' transactions list. This report has the option to include 'Zero Deposit' families also into the list. 

This report is available at both company and center levels. 

Center Level Report

Access Path : Center Dashboard > Reports > Billing and Deposit > Deposit on Account

Company Level Report

This is a new report introduced at the company level 

Access Path : Company Dashboard > Reports > Billing and Deposit > Deposit on Account

7.2. Child time card with child schedule

This report helps you to generate a weekly report of scheduled and actual time hours of children for the selected program(s).

Access Path : Center Dashboard > Reports > Time Tracking Attendance > Child time card with child schedule

You can generate this report based on any of the following two criteria:

1. Child Sign-In by Authorized Person

2. Child Check- In by Staff 

Child sign in as captured from 1Core Web Time Clock, 1Core Attend, or 1Core Family App. Child Check-In as captured from 1Core Class App. 

Generated Report : 

Child Date of Birth (DOB) column has been added to the following reports,

1. Camp / Event  Roster by Session

2. Camp / Event  Roll Call Sheet 

3. Camp Registration Summary 

Access Path : Center Dashboard > Reports > Camp / Event

7.4. Classroom With Attendance Ratio

This report helps you to generate a sign-in report of children and staff who made their sign-in using the 1Core Class App. 

You can generate the report for any particular date and you can also set the time interval for classroom sign-in data.

Access Path : Center Dashboard > Reports > Time Tracking Attendance > Classroom with Attendance Ration

Select the details icon next to the ratios to open the 'Attendance details' page. 

8. Enhancements in Agency Credit History

Now, you can export the 'Agency Credit History'  and 'Agency Refund History' reports to '.Xls or Ms-Excel' file format.

Access Path : Company Dashboard > Functions > Apply Payments from Agency Credits & Agency Refunds

9. Enhancements in Announcements 

New enhancements are made to the 'Announcements' feature. Now, you can add Standalone Videos/Images/Youtube Videos/ Texts/ HTML Pages to the 'Announcements' contents. 

Access Path : Company Dashboard > Funtions > Manage Announcements 


Note : You can add Thumbnail Image to your video uploads in the Announcements. 

10. Family Portal

10.1. Add/Edit The Parent's Relationship in the Child Profile 

Now, you can add/edit parents 1 & 2's relationship to the child in the family portal.

Access Path : Family Dashboard > Child > Choose a child

10.2. Child Time Card Entries 

Parents can now view their child's time card entries using their family portal account. On the time card entries, families can view both '1Core Web Time Clock Records' and '1Core Class App Entries'. 

Access Path : Family Dashboard > Child > Pick a Child > Time Card 

Select the time period for the time card entries using the 'From' and 'To' drop-downs and click 'submit'. The selected time period will be applicable for both '1Core Web Time Card Entries' and '1Core Class App Entries'. 

To let the parents view 1Core Class check in//out records, you need to provide the necessary role permission at the company level. 

Access Path : Company Dashboard > Role Management > Family Portal 

11. CRM

11.1 Company Level - Inbox and Template :

1Core has introduced new inbox and template setups at the company level. Using the inbox setup you can view the email, SMS, and call log history with sender information, read/unread, and delivery status. 

Template setup is a repository of parent and director-level email templates where you can edit and preview the email templates. 

Inbox :

Here, you can view the total communications sent and responded to between center and inquiries (Email, SMS, and Call Log) and the total count of messages (Read/Unread/Undelivered).



Select the 'Preview' button to view the template contents. 

To edit the template content, select the 'Edit' button. Here, you can edit the Email Subject, add Email cc, add/edit placeholders and Email body. 


By selecting the 'Apply Changes To Center' button, you can apply the change made in the 'Edit' page to a particular center in your company. Using this option will change company-level email as well as the selected center's email.

Select the center(s) to apply email template changes,

Select the 'Yes' button on the pop-up to apply the Email template changes to the selected center(s).

Customize for a center :

You can also customize the Email template(s) for a particular company directly from the 'Email Template Management - Company Level' page using the 'Customize for a center' option.


Note : Like company level, In the center level CRM, Inbox and Template options are introduced. You can carry out all the options stated above on the center level also for a particualr center.

11.2. Ratings and Tags

Now, you can add ratings and tags to your inquiries. This will help you to categorize the incoming inquiry and prioritize your response.

Access Path : Company Dashboard > CRM > Setup > Inquiry Setup


Select the 'Yes' radio button to enable the Ratings and tags. You can view the list of ratings and tags using the 'View List link. 

11.3. Video Tour

Now, you can send a video recording of your center (Video Tour / Virtual Tour) to the parents / Inquiries along with the tour schedule. 

Access Path : Center Dashboard > CRM > Setup > Tour Setup

You can upload your center's tour video along with a thumbnail.


11.4. Task 

Earlier, you were allowed to add a task only for families. Now, you have been given the option to add a task to the staff without selecting any family. 

This feature is specifically for the internal use of the centers.

Access Path : Center Dashboard > CRM > Tasks 

Choose a task type, description, date, time, assigned to (responsible person), and priority.


11.5. Tour Calendar

You can now view the parent(s) name on the tour calendar. This will help you to better prepare and organize your center tour. 


11.6. Filters on CRM Center Level Dashboard

1Core introduces new filters on the CRM center level dashboard to effectively filter the records in the Inquiry, Tour, Waitlist, and Enrollment tabs.

You can now filter the records based on Age Group, Tags, and Rating.

11.7. Send Text Messages to Parents


You can now send 'Text Messages' to parents using the 'Batch Functions' option present in the CRM Center Dashboard.

Select the parent(s) from the list.

Type your message in the text editor,

11.8. Actions

To improve the inquiry processing, 1Core has added new actions under a 3-dot menu parallel to every New / Responded / Change Requested tab. Now you can directly add tags, ratings, notes, call logs, tasks, Emails, and SMS using the 3-dot menu.

11.8.1. Action - Process 

You can now process an inquiry directly by selecting the 'Process' option via the 3-Dot menu. This process option allows you to add 'Rating and Tags' directly to the new inquiry and you can also view the communications that happened between the parent and center.

 Here, on the communications pop-up, you can view the status of communications (sent/read/undelivered).

Select the 3-dot menu at the upper right to view the status of the communication.


11.8.2. Process -Invite Tour

Now, you can edit the template while sending Tour Invite/ ReSchedule Tour/ Join Waitlist / Invite to Join Waitlist mail to an individual parent(s) and you can also attach the 'Tour / Promotional Video' along with the invite. 

You can change the Email CC, subject, body, and video before sending it.